2022 Real Estate Market Forecast Webinar with Barry Habib and Dr. Frank Nothaft

John Smith
January 1, 2023
5 min read

Mortgage rates and home prices have been on the rise. If you’re wondering where they’re heading this year, you won’t want to miss this highly-anticipated webinar with Barry Habib and Dr. Frank Nothaft, filled with expert advice and exclusive insights you can use to help your homebuyers make informed and wise decisions.

Dr. Nothaft is chief economist for CoreLogic, America's largest provider of advanced property and ownership information, analytics and data-enabled services. He leads the economics team responsible for analysis, commentary and forecasting in global real estate, insurance and mortgage markets. Before joining CoreLogic, Dr. Nothaft served in a variety of leadership positions at Freddie Mac and he was also an economist with the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in the mortgage and consumer finance section.

You can listen to the full interview HERE and if you're looking for the webinar highlights, make sure you listen to these crucial segments:

[00:01:30] Dr. Nothaft’s take on what’s going to happen in the housing market in 2022, including rates, appreciation, refis and more.

[00:05:04] Whether any relief is on the horizon for low inventory.

[00:07:35] Dr. Nothaft’s forecast for home price growth for the year.

[00:16:35] The impact inflation and Fed rate hikes will have on mortgage rates this year – and the critical wild card to know about.

[00:19:16] What to know about the Fed’s balance sheet.

[00:21:24] Where Dr. Nothaft sees mortgage rates later this year.

[00:23:06] What Dr. Nothaft thinks the Fed will do about inflation.

[00:24:40] The scoop on rent growth and inflation.

[00:29:20] Will the Fed be able to fight inflation and avoid a recession?

[00:33:00] A key survey Dr. Nothaft looks at when analyzing inflation.

[00:34:15] Predictions about what the Fed might do to fight inflation.

[00:38:31] Is now a good time to buy a home, or is there a housing bubble?

[00:44:02] Key challenges to know about rising rents, and the benefits of homeownership.

[00:45:56] When will inventory catch up to meet demand?

[00:47:26] Why it’s crucial not to miss out on the opportunity to buy a home.

[00:48:54] The relationship between birthrate demographics and the housing shortage.

[00:53:38] How institutional investors buying single-family homes impacts supply?

[00:55:50] How long will the microchip shortage impact new home construction?

[00:57:44] How the situation in Russia and Ukraine may impact the markets?

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