Building Your Business Through Video

John Smith
January 1, 2023
5 min read

By: Megan Anderson, Vice President of Public Relations

Social media is a crucial tool for staying competitive today, and video is an especially valuable asset to use on those platforms. Yet, so many people struggle with posting regular video content on their social media channels, be it because they wonder what to say, worry about how they look or fear being judged.

And all the while, they miss opportunities to build relationships with potential clients and partners, limiting their success and ability to make a difference.

In this blog, I will share the proven tips and best practices that have helped us build over 14,000 followers on Instagram, grow our MBS Highway Facebook group to over 10,000 members and help originators get thousands of video views and grow their business. I will also include my secret recipe for creating successful videos. I’ll share a strategy you can use to overcome your fears and any negative self-talk you may experience that might otherwise make you hesitant to post your videos and other content.

Plus, you’ll learn about two crucial tools available on MBS Highway that can help you build your brand and business with video.

Goal for Getting Started

The easiest way to build an ongoing list of social media video and post ideas is to begin with the following goal:

You want to create content that addresses your potential clients’ or partners’ needs or concerns.

Block a 30 or 60-minute window on your calendar at the beginning of each month and list out repetitive points of friction you’ve been hearing or questions you’re asked frequently. For example, do you have potential homebuyers who are delaying a home purchase because they’ve heard talk of a housing bubble in the media? Or, have your realtor partners mentioned clients are worried about bidding over asking price to secure a home they want?

This will give you a great starting point for post topics that you can then use to schedule throughout the month.

Tips for Creating Posts

Another way to add to your list of topics is to determine the target audience you want to focus on. This could be based on current market dynamics like a refinance boom; your area of expertise, be it first-time homebuyers, move-up buyers, or vacation homes; or people you really like to help based on your own experiences such as military families.

Here’s a simple exercise to figure out your target audience. Grab a piece of paper and make three columns. At the top of each, write the questions below:

  • What type of market are we in currently?
  • What is my area of expertise?
  • Who are the clients that fuel my passion and my purpose?

Your columns might read: Cash Out Refinance, First-time Homebuyers, and Veterans. Now set a timer for five minutes and list out every question, concern and emotion those clients may have. And voila! You now have a list of posts ideas.

As you’re scheduling your posts, remember that stories are a powerful way to connect with potential clients and referral partners. They help people relate to each other through the power of shared experiences. Personal social media posts are one of the best ways to build relationships with your audience. As we know, people do business with people they know, like and trust.

Sharing your own experiences can build that connection with your prospects and clients, as they see that you have been in the same position, making the very same decisions for your family.

Another type of post to add to your monthly calendar are posts that build engagement with your followers. After all, people love to talk about themselves. Here are just a few questions you could post to create engagement with your social network:

  • What’s the first place you want to travel to next?
  • How old were you when you purchased your first home?
  • How long have you lived in your home and what’s your mortgage rate?

The Secret Recipe For a Successful Video

Once you’ve created your list of topics, follow this simple formula for creating videos that get results.

First, begin with an introduction that immediately identifies and hooks your target audience, so you capture their attention. After all, consider your own behavior on social media. If you're not into a video, what do you usually do? You scroll to the next post. It's almost an immediate response.


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For example, if you’re hoping to reach first-time homebuyers, you could start your video hook by asking:

“Have you been looking to purchase a home but ended up feeling a little bit discouraged due to all the competition out there? Are you worried about all the media headlines talking about an affordability crisis and a housing bubble?”

You can hook your viewers by discussing a relatable obstacle or point of interest.

For example, you could use MBS Highway’s Real Estate Report Card – which includes key metrics like the median home price, affordability, forecasted appreciation, inventory levels, number of renters who can afford to purchase, unemployment and more – to gather data you can share with potential buyers about the financial opportunity in homeownership right in their specific county or zip code!

Then, in your video you could use that data to say something like:

“You know, it amazed me, but right here in Monmouth County, New Jersey there are over 31,000 residents who are currently renting but could afford to purchase a home. They qualify to buy a home so why wouldn’t they? You know some people think the housing market is unstable.”

Next, provide a valuable solution or insight your followers may not know. Again, using data from MBS Highway’s Real Estate Report Card, you could say:

“Do you know what the forecasted appreciation is for Monmouth County in just the next year? Up 6.26%. And in the next five years? Up 28.42%. Do you know what this means in dollars and cents? If you were to purchase a home at the median home price of $465,715, you would gain $132,337 in appreciation alone over the next five years. Isn’t that amazing? This is still a very strong market.”


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Last, end with a clear call to action highlighting who you are, what you do, and how to reach you.

"Contact me and I’ll show you how you can create wealth for yourself through real estate."

Remember, it’s best to keep your videos under a minute to keep attention and get the algorithm in your favor. You can also record several videos at a time based on the calendar you create each month, so you always have one ready to post. And be sure to use MBS Highway’s Social Studio tool, which provides customizable scripts and a teleprompter to easily create engaging social media videos to grow and enhance your presence.


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Overcoming Negative Self Talk

When I started in the mortgage industry, I felt like the new kid on the block. I was constantly worried people were judging me based on how young I was, so I avoided promoting myself on social media. Over time, I realized this self-imposed glass ceiling was limiting my ability to build relationships and achieve the success I wanted.

Take a moment and think about your self-talk, especially when it comes to filming yourself on video. Do you hit the panic button and worry that people are going to judge you? Do you hate the way your hair looks, or your voice sounds? Do these fears and thoughts make you hesitant to post the very content that can help you build followers and make a difference to your clients?

If so, you’re not alone. And when this happens, take a moment and acknowledge your self-talk – and know you can change your beliefs and the way you talk to yourself. Take a deep breath and, like I did when I first started in the industry, think about why you're posting your video.

  • Is it to help protect your business?
  • Is it so you can grow your income and provide a better life for your kids than your parents did for you?
  • Does it fulfill your life purpose to help families find their dream home?

Once I became aware of my self-limiting belief, I decided to talk to myself like a friend instead of my worst enemy. I would remind myself, “People may judge you, but are you passionate about what you are saying and how you are showing up?” And, “Isn't your goal to become better and help others? Then why would you care what people think?"

This helped me overcome my hesitation and negative self-talk, begin posting content and ultimately become known as a social media expert in the industry. I hope it can help you too.

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