Crypto Webinar With Dan and Barry Habib

John Smith
January 1, 2023
5 min read

What are cryptocurrencies and DeFi? How can the blockchain impact mortgage and real estate? How should you look at Crypto as an investment? Is it all risky, or are there ways you can invest if you’re risk averse?

If you’ve wanted to learn more about these hot topics, you won’t want to miss this timely discussion between Dan and Barry Habib. Dan has been a student of technical analysis for his entire career, learning from experts like Barry, who is a three-time Crystal Ball Award winner by Zillow and Pulsenomics for being the most accurate real-estate forecaster.

You can listen to the full interview HERE. And if you're looking for the highlights, make sure you listen to these crucial segments:

[00:00:20] How different banking systems work, and a key difference with cryptocurrency.

[00:03:35] Why cryptocurrency is trying to decentralize the flow of money.

[00:06:20] What the blockchain is and what you need to know about it.

[00:08:52] The scoop on mining and what it means.

[00:10:57] Will cryptocurrency collapse at some point due to supply?

[00:11:48] What a store of value means.

[00:12:24] The scoop on the Ethereum network.

[00:13:47] What to be aware of regarding the various coins out there.

[00:15:02] What to know about recent volatility in the crypto markets and crypto’s infancy.

[00:18:43] The clues that action from last spring may tell us about where Bitcoin is going.

[00:20:42] What on-chain analysis is and what it can tell you.

[00:25:06] Ways to earn passive income in the crypto space.

[00:28:56] Why blockchain technology is so exciting.

[00:30:15] How blockchain can impact the mortgage and real estate space.

[00:33:02] The key themes for the crypto markets in 2022.

[00:35:15] What to know about NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

[00:37:27] Things to consider if you’re thinking of jumping into the crypto markets.

[00:40:58] Learn more about technical analysis on Cryptocurrencies.

[00:44:06] A checklist to use for considering which coins to invest in.

[00:45:58] What to know about crypto and the metaverse.

[00:47:10] Why it’s crucial to be careful about fakes in the crypto space.

[00:50:12] The challenges of using technical analysis in the crypto space.

[00:51:55] The regulation risk for cryptocurrencies.

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