February 28, 2023

Technical Analysis: Where the Markets are Headed with Katie Stockton

Understanding what’s happening in the markets is a crucial differentiator for any originator, especially when elevated mortgage rates and volatility can lead to fear and hesitancy among potential homebuyers. After all, markets are driven by many factors, but one of the most important ones is emotion.

Technical analysis can help us better recognize patterns, as well as the emotion driving the direction of the market. Learning how to interpret these signals can increase your percentage of accuracy in forecasting price direction, making you a far superior advisor while also helping you make better decisions regarding your personal investments.

Katie Stockton is one of the most renowned experts in market, technical and investment analysis. As the Founder and Managing Partner of Fairlead Strategies, she provides research and consulting services to institutions and individuals as a registered investment advisor. Katie has over 20 years of experience providing technical research and advice to institutional investors on Wall Street. She frequently shares her views on CNBC and other financial news networks, and often speaks at industry events and conferences.

In this timely webinar, Katie and Barry will teach you how to help your clients manage risk by being on the right side of the market when it’s trending one way or the other. You’ll also see the specific modeling Katie uses to analyze these market cycles. Plus, don’t miss Katie’s analysis of what’s ahead this year – so you can share this crucial information and solidify your reputation as a trusted advisor and respected referral partner.

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