Accelerate Your Success with Amir Syed

Do you want to unlock your potential and elevate your career in 2024?

Watch as Barry Habib and Amir Syed share invaluable strategies and industry insights that can accelerate your journey to success. You’ll learn what you can be doing to increase your income right now, along with easy tips for using social media to gain exposure and be more effective.

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About Amir Syed

Amir Syed is a mortgage industry veteran with over two decades of experience. He rose from a telemarketing role to become a top-ranked loan officer nationwide, overseeing over $1 billion in personal production loan volume in the last decade.

Amir co-founded Growth Only (GO!) Coaching, the top coaching community for mortgage loan advisors in the U.S. He is also a Founder Friend of FirstHome IQ, contributing to their mission of providing accessible online education in homeownership and financial literacy, showcasing his commitment to empowering individuals.

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